1. General Information
1.1 Date updated: May 24, 2024
1.2 Vessel's name (IMO number): Trans Tind (9594054)
1.2b Is the vessel owner/manager a member of INTERTANKO? If yes, please provide IMO number of the Member organization No,
1.3 Vessel's previous name(s) and date(s) of change: Oriental Lotus (May 24, 2023)
1.4 Date delivered / Builder (where built): Dec 03, 2010 / Asakawa Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
1.5 Flag / Port of Registry: Bahamas / Nassau
1.6 Call sign / MMSI: C6GM7 / 311001289
1.7 Vessel's contact details (satcom/fax/email etc.): Tel: +44 20 3996 2515 / +44 20 3996 2198
Fax: GSM +47 477 50 261
1.8 Type of vessel (as described in Form A or Form B Q1.11 of the IOPPC): Oil Tanker
1.8a If other type of vessel, please specify: Oil/Chemical
1.9 Type of hull: Double Hull
Ownership and Operation
1.10 Registered owner - Full style:
IMO Number
Kjemikalietank AS
Wernersholmvegen 5, 5232 Paradis, Norway
Tel: +4755923200
IMO: 5426738
1.11 Technical operator - Full style: Stodig Shipmanagement AS
Wernersholmvegen 5, 5232 Paradis, Norway
Tel: +4755923268
Company IMO#: 5718762
1.12 Commercial operator - Full style: Seatrans Chemical Tankers AS
Wernersholmvei 5, Hop 5232 Paradis NO-5852 BERGEN NORWAY
Tel: +47 55 92 32 00
1.13 Disponent owner - Full style: N/A
1.14 P & I Club - Full Style: Gard P&I (Bermuda) Ltd.
Gard P. & I. (Bermuda) Ltd., Norwegian Branch Kittelsbuktveien 31 4836 Arendal Norway
1.15 P & I Club pollution liability coverage / expiration date: 1,000,000,000 US$ Feb 20, 2025
1.16 Hull & Machinery insured by - Full Style:
(Specify broker or leading underwriter)
Skipsbyggerhallen Solheimsgaten 11 5058 Bergen Norway
Tel: +4737019100
1.17 Hull & Machinery insured value / expiration date: 20,000,000 US$ Mar 31, 2025
1.18 Classification society: DNV
1.18a Is Classification Society an IACS member? Yes
1.19 Class notation: 1A1 Tanker for Chemicals and Oil Products ESP
1.20 Does the vessel have any open conditions of Class?? If yes List all open conditions: No
1.20a Does the vessel have any Memoranda of Class? If yes, list details: No
1.21 If classification society changed, name of previous and date of change: Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, May 30, 2023
1.22 Does the vessel have ice class? If yes, state what level: No,
1.23 Date / place of last dry-dock: Mar 18, 2024 / Gdansk Remontowa Shipyard
1.24 Date next dry dock due / next annual survey due: Dec 30, 2025 Mar 02, 2025
1.25 Date of last special survey / next special survey due: Mar 06, 2021 Dec 02, 2025
1.26 If ship has Condition Assessment Program (CAP), what is the latest overall rating: No,
1.27 Length overall (LOA): 134.16 m
1.28 Length between perpendiculars (LBP): 125.00 m
1.29 Extreme breadth (Beam): 20.52 m
1.30 Moulded depth: 11.60 m
1.31 Keel to masthead (KTM) / Keel to masthead (KTM) in collapsed condition, if applicable: 37.22 m m
1.32 Distance bridge front to center of manifold: 49.75 m
1.33 Bow to center manifold (BCM) / Stern to center manifold (SCM): 62.41 m 71.75 m
1.34 Parallel body distances: Lightship Normal Ballast Summer Dwt
Forward to mid-point manifold: 19.17 m 19.62 m 20.16 m
Aft to mid-point manifold: 26.93 m 30.95 m 39.13 m
Parallel body length: 46.09 m 50.56 m 59.29 m
1.35 Net Tonnage: 4,735.00
1.36 Gross Tonnage / Reduced Gross Tonnage (if applicable): 8,375.00
1.37 Suez Canal Tonnage - Gross (SCGT) / Net (SCNT): 8,938.42 7,917.20
1.38 Is vessel fitted for transit of Panama Canal? Panama Canal Net Tonnage (PCNT): No, 6,985.00
Loadline Information
1.39 Loadline Freeboard Draft Deadweight Displacement
Summer: 2.81 m 8.81 m 14,281.00 MT 18,569.00 MT
Winter: 3.00 m 8.63 m 13,853.00 MT 18,141.00 MT
Tropical: 2.63 m 9.00 m 14,710.00 MT 18,998.00 MT
Normal loaded condition: m m MT MT
Lightship: 9.31 m 2.32 m Not Applicable 5,353.00 MT
Normal Ballast Condition: 6.72 m 4.88 m 5,358.00 MT 9,641.00 MT
Segregated Ballast Condition: 6.89 m 4.74 m 5,048.00 MT 9,336.00 MT
1.40 FWA/TPC at summer draft: 198.00 mm 23.43 MT
1.41 Have multiple deadweights been assigned? If yes, list all assigned deadweights: No
Assigned DWT 1: 0.00
Assigned DWT 2: 0.00
Assigned DWT 3:
Assigned DWT 4:
Assigned DWT 5:
1.42 Constant (excluding fresh water): MT
1.43 What is the company guidelines for Under Keel Clearance (UKC) for this vessel?
1.44 What is the max height of mast above waterline (air draft) Full Mast Collapsed Mast
Summer deadweight: 28.41 m 0 m
Normal ballast: 31.18 m m
Lightship: 34.90 m 0 m
2. CERTIFICATES Issued Last Annual Last Intermediate Expires
2.1 Safety Equipment Certificate (SEC): Apr 26, 2024 Apr 26, 2024 Dec 02, 2025
2.2 Safety Radio Certificate (SRC): Apr 26, 2024 Apr 26, 2024 Dec 02, 2025
2.3 Safety Construction Certificate (SCC): Apr 26, 2024 Apr 26, 2024 Dec 02, 2025
2.4 International Loadline Certificate (ILC): May 30, 2023 May 30, 2023 Dec 02, 2025
2.5 International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate (IOPPC): Apr 26, 2024 Apr 26, 2024 Dec 02, 2025
2.6 International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC): Oct 25, 2023 Not Applicable Not Applicable Oct 25, 2028
2.7 Maritime Labour Certificate (MLC): Oct 25, 2023 Not Applicable Oct 25, 2025 Oct 25, 2028
2.8 Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (MSM): May 24, 2023 Not Applicable Not Applicable May 23, 2028
2.9 ISM Safety Management Certificate (SMC): Oct 25, 2023 Not Applicable Not Applicable Oct 25, 2028
2.10 Document of Compliance (DOC): Jun 22, 2024 Mar 22, 2024 Mar 26, 2029
2.11 USCG Certificate of Compliance (USCGCOC): Not Applicable Not Applicable
2.12 Civil Liability Convention (CLC) 1992 Certificate: Jan 23, 2024 Not Applicable Not Applicable Feb 20, 2025
2.13 Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage Convention (CLBC) Certificate: Jan 23, 2024 Not Applicable Not Applicable Feb 20, 2025
2.14 Liability for the Removal of Wrecks Certificate (WRC): Jan 23, 2024 Not Applicable Not Applicable Feb 20, 2025
2.15 U.S. Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR): Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
2.16 Certificate of Class (COC): Apr 30, 2024 Dec 19, 2022 Not Applicable Jul 26, 2024
2.17 Certificate of Registry (COR): Not Applicable Not Applicable
2.18 International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate (ISPPC) Not Applicable Not Applicable
2.19 Certificate of Fitness (COF): May 08, 2024 Apr 26, 2024 Not Applicable Dec 02, 2025
2.20 International Energy Efficiency Certificate (IEEC): May 30, 2023 Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
2.21 International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (IAPPC): May 30, 2023 Dec 19, 2022 Not Applicable Dec 02, 2025
2.22 Ship Sanitation Control (SSCC)/Ship Sanitation Control Exemption (SSCE): Not Applicable Not Applicable
2.23 Does the vessel have an International Ballast Water Management Certificate? If no, then describe how ship complies with the "International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments"?: Yes,
2.24 Owner warrant that vessel is member of ITOPF and will remain so for the entire duration of this voyage/contract: Yes
2.25 Does vessel have in place a Drug and Alcohol Policy complying with OCIMF guidelines for Control of Drugs and Alcohol Onboard Ship? Yes
2.26 Is the ITF Special Agreement on board (if applicable)? Yes
2.27 ITF Blue Card expiry date (if applicable): May 25, 2025
3.1 Nationality of Master: Polish
3.2 Number and nationality of Officers: 10 Polish, Romanian, Filipino, Croatian
3.3 Number and nationality of Crew:
Count Nationality
3.4 What is the common working language onboard: English
3.5 Do officers speak and understand English? Yes
3.6 If Officers/ratings employed by a Manning Agency - Full style: Officers:
Address Company Name Email Fax Phone

Address Company Name Email Fax Phone
Jebsen PTCPilgrim PTC, 111, Aguirre Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City, 1229, Metro Manila, Philippines+6385279980n/
4.1 Has the vessel Operator submitted a Vessel Spill Response Plan to the US Coast Guard which has been approved by official USCG letter? Yes
4.2 Qualified individual (QI) - Full style:
4.3 Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) - Full style:
4.4 Salvage and Marine Firefighting Services (SMFF) - Full Style:
5.1 Is the vessel operated under a Quality Management System? If Yes, what type of system? (ISO9001 or IMO Resolution A.741(18) as amended): Yes
ISO 9001:2015
5.2 Can the ship comply with the ICS Helicopter Guidelines? No
5.2.1 If Yes, state whether winching or landing area provided: n/a
5.2.2 If Yes, what is the diameter of the circle provided: m
6.1 Cargo tanks:
Coated Y/N Coating Type Condition Constr Date Extent Insp date Insp Freq Tank ID Tank PSC Tank Type
1P2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-14Annual
1S2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-14Annual
2P2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-14Annual
2S2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-14Annual
3P2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-13Annual
3S2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-13Annual
4P2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-13Annual
4S2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-13Annual
5P2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-12Annual
5S2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-12Annual
6P2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-12Annual
6S2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-12Annual
7P2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-12Annual
7S2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-12Annual
8P2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-12Annual
8S2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-14Annual
9P2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-14Annual
9S2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-13Annual
10P2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-13Annual
10S2gSSNoSSFull TankGood2010-03-122024-03-13Annual

Anodes Fitted: No
Ballast tanks:
Coated? Coating date Condition Extent ID Insp date Insp freq Type
FPTYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-16Annual
No.1 WBT PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-16Annual
No.1 WBT SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-16Annual
No.2 WBT PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-16Annual
No.2 WBT SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-16Annual
No.3 WBT PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-17Annual
No.3 WBT SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-17Annual
No.4 WBT PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-17Annual
No.4 WBT SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-17Annual
No.5 WBT PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-18Annual
No.5 WBT SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-18Annual
No.6 WBT PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-18Annual
No.6 WBT SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-18Annual
No.7 WBT PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-19Annual
No.7 WBT SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-19Annual
No.8 WBT PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-19Annual
No.8 WBT SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-19Annual
No.9 WBT PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-15Annual
No.9 WBT SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-15Annual
No.2 Heel PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-16Annual
No.2 Heel SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-16Annual
No.3 Heel PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-17Annual
No.3 Heel SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-17Annual
No.4 Heel PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-17Annual
No.4 Heel SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-17Annual
No.6 Heel PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-18Annual
No.6 Heel SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-18Annual
No.7 Heel PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-19Annual
No.7 Heel SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-19Annual
No.8 Heel PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-19Annual
No.8 Heel SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-19Annual
No.5 CWT PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-15Annual
No.5 CWT SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-15Annual
No.9 CWT PYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-15Annual
No.9 CWT SYesEpoxyFull TankGood2010-12-032024-03-15Annual

Anodes Fitted: Yes
7.1 Ballast Handling Data
Capacity (m3/hr)Head (bar)Number Prime mover type Type
1Main Pump - PK-300E0300.000.25
Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS)
7.2 Does the vessel comply with D1 or D2 performance standards? D2
7.3 Does the vessel have a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) fitted? Yes
7.4 What type of BWTS fitted? If other system fitted, please advise: Other (specify), Filter and UV
7.5 Name of manufacturer of BWTS: MIURA
7.6 Does the BWTS have IMO type approval? Yes
7.7 Is the BWTS of a USCG approved type? No
8. Cargo- Oil/Chem
Double Hull Vessels
8.1 Is vessel fitted with centerline bulkhead in all cargo tanks? If Yes, solid or perforated: Yes, Solid
Tank Capacities
8.2 Cargo Tank Capacities at 98% Full - Centre:

Total Centre: m3

Cargo Tank Capacities at 98% Full - Wing:
Capacity (m3)P/S Tank Number

Total Wing: 16,230.64 m3

Deck Tank Capacities at 98% Full:

Total Deck: m3
8.2.1 Capacity (98%) of each natural segregation with double valve (specify tanks): seg#1: 1234.91m3
seg#2: 2362.67m3
seg#3: 648.58m3
seg#4: 2362.67m3
seg#5: 2363.37m3
seg#6: 2362.14m3
seg#7: 649.5m3
seg#8: 2361.23m3
seg#9: 1238.71m3
seg#10: 647.45m3
8.2.2 IMO class (Oil/Chemical Ship Type 1, 2 or 3): IMO 2
8.3 Slop tank capacities (98%):
Capacity (m3)P/S Tank Number

Total: 647.45 m3
8.3.1 Specify segregations which slops tanks belong to and their capacity with double valve: N/A
8.3.2 Residual/Retention oil tank(s) capacity (98%), if applicable: N/A
SBT Vessels
8.3.3 What is total SBT capacity and percentage of SDWT vessel can maintain? N/A N/A
8.3.4 Does vessel meet the requirements of MARPOL Annex I Reg 18.2: N/A
Cargo Handling and Pumping Systems
8.4 How many grades/products can vessel load/discharge with double valve segregation: 20
8.4.1 State type of cargo containment (integral, independent, gravity or pressure tanks): 2G (Integral Gravity)
8.5 Are there any cargo tank filling restrictions?
If yes, specify number of slack tanks, max s.g., ullage restrictions etc.:
8.6 Max loading rate for homogenous cargo With VECS Without VECS
Loaded per manifold connection: 300 m3/hr 300 m3/hr
Loaded simultaneously through all manifolds: 1,200 m3/hr 1,560.00 m3/hr
Cargo Control Room
8.7 Is ship fitted with a Cargo Control Room (CCR)? Yes
8.8 Can tank innage / ullage be read from the CCR? Yes
Gauging and Sampling
8.9 Is gauging system certified and calibrated? If no, specify which ones are not calibrated: Yes,
What type of gauging system as per IBC 13.1 is fitted (Open/Restricted/Closed): Closed
What type of fixed closed tank gauging system is fitted: N/A
Is a tank overflow control system fitted? If yes, then state if system includes automatic closing of valves? Yes, N/A
Are high level alarms fitted to the cargo tanks? If Yes, indicate whether to all tanks or partial: N/A, N/A
8.9.1 Can cargo be transferred under closed loading conditions in accordance with ISGOTT N/A
8.9.2 Are cargo tanks fitted with multipoint gauging? If yes, specify type and locations: N/A,
8.10 Number of portable gauging units (example- MMC) on board: 2
Vapor Emission Control System (VECS)
8.11 Is a Vapour Emission Control System (VECS) fitted? Yes
If fitted, is vapour line return manifold in compliance with OCIMF Guidelines? Yes
If fitted, how many vapor return segregations can the vessel maintain simultaneously? 2
Does the ship possess Vapour Emission Control (VEC) Certification? If yes, state the issuing authority Yes, ClassNK
8.12 Number/size of VECS manifolds (per side): 2 150 mm
8.13 Number / size / type of VECS reducers: 2x 150-100 1x 150-200
8.14 State what type of venting system is fitted: High Velocity Valve
Cargo Manifolds and Reducers
8.15 Total number/size of cargo manifold connections on each side:
No.: 20

Manifold PCS Pressure Rating Size Standard Unit Unit PR
8.15.1 Is the vessel fitted with a fixed common line? Yes
What is the number of common cargo connections per side? 1
What is the size of common cargo connections? 250 mm
8.16 What type of valves are fitted at manifold: Gate / Wafer, n/a
8.17 What is the material/rating of the manifold: SUS 316L / ANSI 6 inches
8.17.1 Does vessel comply with the latest edition of the OCIMF 'Recommendations for Oil Tanker Manifolds and Associated Equipment'? N/A
8.18 Distance between cargo manifold centers: 600.00 mm
8.19 Distance ships rail to manifold: 2,600.00 mm
8.20 Distance manifold to ships side: 2,800.00 mm
8.21 Top of rail to center of manifold: 240.00 mm
8.22 Distance main deck to center of manifold: 2,575.00 mm
8.23 Spill tank grating to center of manifold: 800.00 mm
8.24 Manifold height above the waterline in normal ballast / at SDWT condition: 9.81 m 5.88 m
8.25 Number / size / type of reducers: 1 x 100/150mm (4/6")
1 x 125/150mm (5/6")
1 x 150/200mm (6/8")
1 x 200/250mm (8/10")
8.26 Is vessel fitted with a stern manifold? If yes, state size: No, mm
8.27 Provide details of Heating Coils/Heat Exchangers
External ducts Heat exchanger Heating coil sets Heating coils Height of the heating coils above tank bottom (mm)Internal/External Material P/C/S/ Decktank/ Other Ratio of the heating surface Tank ID total heating surface (m2)Welded or coupled
4Sno noyes2150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
9Sno noyes1150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
5Pno noyes2150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
4Pno noyes2150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
8Sno noyes2150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
5Sno noyes2150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
6Pno noyes2150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
2Sno noyes2150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
3Sno noyes1150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
10Pno noyes1150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
2Pno noyes2150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
7Pno noyes1150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
7Sno noyes1150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
3Pno noyes1150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
10Sno noyes1150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
6Sno noyes2150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
1Pno noyes1150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
1Sno noyes1150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
8Pno noyes2150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
9Pno noyes1150.00143.800.04WeldedSS
8.27.1 Is a Thermal Oil Heating system fitted? If yes, identify tanks? No,
8.28 Maximum temperature cargo can be loaded / maintained: 80.0 °C / 176.0 °F 60 °C / 140 °F
8.28.1 Minimum temperature cargo can be loaded / maintained: 1.0 °C / 33.8 °F
Inert Gas and Crude Oil Washing
8.29 Is an Inert Gas System (IGS) fitted / operational? Yes / Yes
8.29.1 Is a Crude Oil Washing (COW) installation fitted / operational? N/A / N/A
8.30 Is IGS supplied by flue gas, inert gas (IG) generator and/or nitrogen: Nitrogen Generator
8.30.1 If nitrogen generator, specify the applicable flow rate for each of the designed purity modes: 1500 Nm3/h @ 95% 180 Nm3/h @ 99.9%
Cargo Pumps
8.31 How many cargo pumps can be run simultaneously at full capacity: 6
8.32 Cargo Pump Data
At what head? Capacity Pump Identity Pump Location Type Type of prime mover
CVS-150Cargo TankCentrifugalHydraulic300.000.78
CVS-125Cargo TankCentrifugalHydraulic200.000.78
8.33 Is at least one emergency portable cargo pump provided? Yes
Tank Cleaning Systems
8.34 Is tank cleaning equipment fixed in cargo tanks? Yes
8.35 Is portable tank cleaning equipment provided? Yes
8.36 Tank washing pump capacity: 100.00 m3/hr
8.37 Is a washing water heater fitted? If yes is it operational and state max washing water temperature: Yes, Yes
80.00 °C
8.38 What is the maximum number of machines that can be operated at their designed max pressure? 8
Other Deck Equipment
8.39 Is vessel fitted with a remote cargo tank temperature monitoring system. If yes, is it operational? Yes, Yes
8.40 Is vessel fitted with a remote cargo tank pressure monitoring system. If yes, is it operational? Yes, Yes
8.41 Is vessel fitted with a cargo tank drier. If yes is it operational and state capacity: Yes, Yes
1,500.00 m3/hr
8.42 Is vessel fitted with a cargo cooling system. If yes is it operational and state tanks applicable: No, N/A
8.43 Is steam available on deck? Yes
9.1 Provide details for Mooring Ropes, Wires, Tails and Shackles
Certificate No. Condition of line/tail Diameter/size Installed Date LDBF(100-105 % of SDMBL (Tonnes)) Length Location and Identity Material Renewal2 Date Reversed Date Status of line/tail SWL (tonnes) TDBF(125-130 % of SDMBL (Tonnes) Type WLL (tonnes) (50-55% of Max LDBF)
RopesS- F8P.P. Composite48.00220.0048.000.000.0025.00GLIS/15/RR/372/01-032016-08-092022-09-302022-03-31SpareTo be renewed
RopesAFT-P3P.P. Composite48.00220.0043.000.000.0022.0021109233/ROT-1293532-12021-11-152023-05-152024-11-15In UseSuitable
RopesFORWARD - F1P.P. Composite48.00220.0046.000.000.0023.5084167-42021-08-202022-02-132023-08-13In UseSuitable
RopesL-P7P.P. Composite48.00220.0043.000.000.0022.0021109233/ROT-1293532-12021-11-152023-05-152024-11-15SpareSuitable
RopesL-P6P.P. Composite48.00220.0046.000.000.0023.5084167-22021-08-202023-02-202024-08-20SpareSuitable
RopesS-P8P.P. Composite50.00206.0038.000.000.0019.50RP 10KB-274 AS2015-07-202022-09-302024-03-31SpareTo be renewed
RopesAFT-P4P.P. Composite48.00220.0043.000.000.0022.0021109233/ROT-1293532-12021-11-152023-05-152024-11-15In UseSuitable
RopesL - F5P.P. Composite52.00220.0048.000.000.0025.0071617022021-08-202022-09-302024-03-31SpareSuitable
RopesFORWARD - F2P.P. Composite48.00220.0046.000.000.0023.5084167-32021-08-202022-02-132023-08-13In UseSuitable
RopesL - F7P.P. Composite48.00220.0048.000.000.0025.00GLIS/15/RR/372/01-042016-08-092022-09-302024-03-31SpareTo be renewed
RopesAFT-P2P.P. Composite48.00220.0043.000.000.0022.0021109233/ROT-1293532-12021-11-152023-05-152024-11-15In UseSuitable
RopesL-P5P.P. Composite48.00220.0046.000.000.0023.5084167-12021-08-202023-02-202024-08-20SpareSuitable
RopesAFT-P1P.P. Composite48.00220.0043.000.000.0022.0021109233/ROT-1293532-12021-11-152023-05-152024-11-15In UseSuitable
RopesL - F6P.P. Composite52.00220.0048.000.000.0025.0071617022021-08-202022-09-302024-03-31SpareSuitable
RopesFORWARD - F4P.P. Composite48.00220.0046.500.000.0023.50217121380-12019-12-262021-05-312022-12-01In UseTo be renewed
RopesFORWARD - F3P.P. Composite48.00220.0046.500.000.0023.50217121380-22019-12-262021-05-312023-12-01In UseTo be renewed
9.2 Details of winches and brake testing including rendering loads
Brake Rendering load Date of last brake test Designed Brake Max holding load (ISO) (80% of SDMB Frequency of testing brakes Hauling Speed Heaving power Mooring winch Location Motive Power Operational brake holding load (60% of SDMBL) Remote Operational controls Split Drum Type of Brake
9.3 Provide Details of Mooring bollards and bitts
Certificate Number Identity No Location Size (mm) SWL (tonnes)
Forecastle2F01-01, F01-0240064
Maindeck Forward (Stbd)8F01-01, F01-0231540
Maindeck Forward (Port)9F01-01, F01-0225013
Forecastle2F01-01, F01-0240064
Poop Deck (Port)2F01-01, F01-0240064
Forecastle2F01-01, F01-0235552
Forecastle2F01-01, F01-0240064
Poop Deck (Stbd)2F01-01, F01-0235552
Maindeck Forward (Stbd)9F01-01, F01-0225013
Poop Deck (Stbd)2F01-01, F01-0235552
Poop Deck (Port)2F01-01, F01-0235552
Maindeck Forward (Stbd)9F01-01, F01-0225013
Forecastle2F01-01, F01-0240064
Maindeck Forward (Stbd)8F01-01, F01-0231540
Poop Deck (Stbd)2F01-01, F01-0240064
Maindeck Forward (Port)8F01-01, F01-0231540
Forecastle2F01-01, F01-0235552
Poop Deck (Port)2F01-01, F01-0235552
Maindeck Forward (Stbd)2F01-01, F01-0235552
Maindeck Forward (Port)8F01-01, F01-0231540
Maindeck Forward (Port)2F01-01, F01-0235552
Maindeck Forward (Port)9F01-01, F01-0225013
9.4 Provide details of Mooring Fairleads/Chocks
Certificate Identity No If yes, are modifications class approved? Location Modifications Size (mm) SWL (tonnes) Type
Closed chockMaindeck Forward (Port)10F01-01, F01-0235027nono
Universal roller fairleadForecastle12F01-01, F01-02027nono
Universal roller fairleadForecastle1F01-01, F01-0225028nono
Panama typePoop Deck (Port)5F01-01, F01-0236064nono
Universal roller fairleadPoop Deck (Port)1F01-01, F01-0225028nono
Closed chockMaindeck Forward (Stbd)10F01-01, F01-0235027nono
Universal roller fairleadForecastle1F01-01, F01-0225028nono
Panama typeMaindeck Forward (Port)6F01-01, F01-0231045nono
Panama typePoop Deck (Stbd)6F01-01, F01-0231045nono
Closed chockMaindeck Forward (Stbd)11F01-01, F01-0225013nono
Universal roller fairleadForecastle12F01-01, F01-02027nono
Panama typeForecastle4F01-01, F01-0236064nono
Panama typeForecastle5F01-01, F01-0236064nono
Panama typeMaindeck Forward (Stbd)6F01-01, F01-0231045nono
Panama typePoop Deck (Port)6F01-01, F01-0231045nono
Universal roller fairleadPoop Deck (Port)12F01-01, F01-02027nono
Universal roller fairleadPoop Deck (Stbd)12F01-01, F01-02027nono
Closed chockMaindeck Forward (Port)11F01-01, F01-0225013nono
Panama typeForecastle5F01-01, F01-0236064nono
Universal roller fairleadPoop Deck (Stbd)1F01-01, F01-0225028nono
Anchors/Emergency Towing System
9.5 Number of shackles on port / starboard cable: 10.00 / 10.00
9.6 Type / SWL of Emergency Towing system forward: MT
9.7 Type / SWL of Emergency Towing system aft: MT
9.8 What is size of closed chock and/or fairleads of enclosed type on stern:
Escort Tug
9.9 What is SWL of closed chock and/or fairleads of enclosed type on stern: 64.00 MT
9.10 What is SWL of bollard on poop deck suitable for escort tug: 64.00 MT
Lifting Equipment/Gangway
9.11 Derrick / Crane description (Number, SWL and location): Cranes: 1 x 5 Tonnes
9.12 Accommodation ladder direction: Forward
9.13 Does vessel have a portable gangway? If yes, state length: Yes 10 m
Single Point Mooring (SPM) Equipment
9.14 Does the vessel meet the recommendations in the latest edition of OCIMF 'Recommendations for Equipment Employed in the Bow Mooring of Conventional Tankers at Single Point Moorings (SPM)'? No
9.15 If fitted, how many chain stoppers:
9.16 Details of Bow chain stoppers:
9.17 Distance between the bow fairlead and chain stopper/bracket: m
9.18 Is bow chock and/or fairlead of enclosed type of OCIMF recommended size (600mm x 450mm)? If not, give details of size: Yes
10.1 Speed Maximum Economical
Ballast speed: 14.00 Kts (WSNP) 13.00 Kts (WSNP)
Laden speed: 13.50 Kts (WSNP) 12.00 Kts (WSNP)
10.2 What type of fuel is used for main propulsion? If other, then specify: Other (specify), MFO 380 cSt
What type of fuel is used for generating plant DO
10.3 Bunker Tank Capacities:
Bunker Type Capacity Max Pressure Tank Name Tank Type
2POther (specify)Main Bunker Tank21.010.00
4POther (specify)Main Bunker Tank27.700.00
1COther (specify)Main Bunker Tank381.670.00
3POther (specify)Main Bunker Tank138.000.00
5POther (specify)Main Bunker Tank27.360.00
3SMDOMain Bunker Tank138.000.00

If other, then specify n/a
10.4 Is vessel fitted with fixed or controllable pitch propeller(s): Fixed
10.5 Engines No Capacity Make/Type
Main engine: 1 4,440 Kw Hitachi Zosen 6535mc-mk7
Aux engine: 3 480 Kw Yanmar 6N 165L
Power packs: 3 4,151 m3/hr Kosaka
Boilers: 1 12.00 MT/Hr Miura HB-12T
Bow/Stern Thruster
10.6 What is brake horse power of bow thruster (if fitted): Yes, 510 bhp
10.7 What is brake horse power of stern thruster (if fitted): No, bhp
10.8 Does the vessel have an EEDI Rating number? If yes then provide EEDI rating: No,
If No then provide reason:
Is the EEDI rating verified by Class, 3rd Party or Owner? Class
10.9 Does the vessel have an EEXI Rating number? If yes then provide EEXI rating: No,
If No then provide reason:
Is the EEXI rating verified by Class, 3rd Party or Owner?
10.10 Does the vessel have a CII Rating number? If yes then provide CII rating: No,
If No then provide reason:
Is the CII rating verified by Class, 3rd Party or Owner?
10.11 Does the vessel have an EIV Rating number? If yes then provide EIV rating: No,
If No then provide reason:
Is the EIV rating verified by Class, 3rd Party or Owner?
10.12 What is the ships NOx control level (Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III)?: Tier I
List of equipment fitted for NOx Tier III achievement for all engines (LP Selective catalytic reduction, HP Selective catalytic reduction, Exhaust gas recirculation, Alternative fuel etc...)
Exhaust Gas Cleaning System/Scrubber
10.13 Does the vessel use an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System? No
10.14 What is the type of scrubber fitted as part of the EGCS onboard?
11.1 Does vessel comply with recommendations contained in OCIMF/ICS Ship To Ship Transfer Guide (Petroleum, Chemicals or Liquified Gas, as applicable)? Yes
11.2 What is maximum outreach of cranes / derricks outboard of the ship's side: m
11.3 Date/place of last STS operation: n/a
11.4 Does the vessel have a ship specific STS plan:
12.1 Last three cargoes / charterers / voyages (Last / 2nd Last / 3rd Last):
12.2 Has ship been involved in a pollution, grounding, collision or allision incident during the past 12 months? If yes, provide details:

12.3 Date and place of last Port State Control inspection: Jan 12, 2024, Kulevi
12.4 Any outstanding deficiencies as reported by any Port State Control? If yes, provide details: No
12.5 Recent Oil company inspections/screenings (To the best of owners knowledge and without guarantee of acceptance for future business)*:

*"Approvals" are not given by Oil Majors and ships are accepted for the voyage on a case by case basis.
EQUINOR, Internal Audit, PSC-Paris MOU, CDI, PREEM, Bahams Flag
12.6 Date / place of last SIRE inspection: Nov 01, 2023 / Vassiliko
12.6.1 Date / place of last CDI inspection: Jun 23, 2023 / Bandirma
12.7 Additional information relating to features of the ship or operational characteristics: No