Rotorsail update

Last year, Sea-Cargo installed two rotor sails and a battery pack on the roro vessel SC Connector. This innovative project is groundbreaking in the shipping industry due to the size of the rotor sails in relation to the ship size, and the transformation towards greener maritime operations.

“The rotor sails on SC Connector use available renewable energy. Wind forces are used directly for propulsion without the conversion losses associated with other energy carriers. The project is a success and we see a 25% reduction of greenhouse emissions.”

Johan Christian Hvide, CTO, Seatrans

“The goal of this project has been to design more environmentally friendly vessels by combining several existing technologies. On some stretches we combine the sails with electric power from batteries, and with favourable wind conditions we can sail without the use of the main engine. As a combination, it is a fantastic solution. The energy we use is 100% renewable and clean.”

Ole Sævild, CEO, Sea-Cargo